Excellent 3 Weeks of Spanish lessons: Staff are very lovely, warm, friendly

Program: Spanish Group CourseSpanish Special CourseInternship · Location: Buenos AiresArgentina

Review from Christoph Reviewed on by from Ettlingen Germany

All of the staff are very lovely, warm, friendly, and also helpful with all kind of questions/problems that came up. The teachers are flexible when it comes to the material covered and able and willing to adjust to the students needs and interesting - very much so in individual classes and to the extent that it is possible, I guess, in group classes. Also, the classes are targeted at adults, i.e. mostly free of childish games, talking about stupid topics like favorite pets etcetera. I just don't like that kind of stuff, so that's good.

Critiques: Look, I'm generally a critical person, but I'm having troubles to come up with something to criticize really. Sure, group classes are not perfectly tailored to each individual student's needs/interests/preferred way of learning, including mine, but that's pretty much inevitable. I'm not sure what the "Spanish and Business classes" are supposed to be exactly, but then again I haven't had any of them yet, so I can't exactly judge here. Not yet ...

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Many thanks for your review!

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