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Volunteering Projects

Ailola Buenos Aires is proud to offer you the opportunity to give something back to the community or environment through one of our extraordinary volunteering projects in Argentina! Take a look!

We offer volunteering projects in Buenos Aires and beyond in the fields Society, Ecology, Health, Education and Sports. Find out more about some of our projects below.

Social Project: Volunteer to help mistreated children

Selected volunteers will work at a refuge for children aged 2 to 18 years of age, each of whom has experienced some form of mistreatment during his or her life. It's a warm, open space with bedrooms, a kitchen, library and office. Volunteers are expected to interact and engage with children, facilitating their day-to-day enjoyment of life with games, entertainment and the occasional language lesson. Saturday at home is for outdoor activities! Suggestions for fundraising and extra activities by volunteers are always welcome.


  • Help a full time career with daily household tasks
  • Entertain children and provide occasional language lessons during class breaks


  • Visits 3 to 4 times a week for several hours
  • Minimum 3 week time commitment

Ecological Project: Work at an eco-farm in Mendoza

Ecological Volunteering Projects in Mendoza

Selected volunteers will have the chance to work with 5 like-minded families in Mendoza Province on an eco-farming project like no other in the region! Four years ago this collective of small independent producers decided that sustainable farming needed a major overhaul. Their focus turned to introducing organic biodiversity practices into every scale of agriculture, from mass production to hobby farms.


  • Help conserve natural resources
  • Participate in community activities to eliminate poverty and encourage economic opportunities in agriculture
  • Help with farm work


  • Conversational Spanish
  • Willingness to participate in routine physical work in a farm setting
  • Time flexibility (as farmers work on a lunar calendar)
  • Ability to travel from Buenos Aires to Mendoza for the project
  • 4-week time commitment

Health Project: Fight for the right to public health

Health Volunteering Projects in Buenos Aires - © 2012 Phalinn Ooi

Selected volunteers will work with an NGO whose focus is providing safeguards for access to health care. Three volunteers per semester will have the chance to work on the frontline of medical aid in South America, gaining valuable skills and giving back to people and communities in need. It's a unique opportunity to participate in the organization's only South American posting.


  • Provide emergency interventions or medical aid to those living in situations of social inequality
  • Participate in activism to prevent violations of social, economic and cultural rights, focusing on the right to healthcare
  • Get involved in encouraging local communities to participate in health programs and projects


  • CV with 1 4x4 photo
  • Photocopy of passport or ID card
  • Minimum 2 letters of recommendation from University officials or lecturers from your most recent place of study
  • Cover letter and statement about your intended contribution to the organization
  • Minimum time commitment of 6 months, 20 hours per week

Education Project: Teach English in remote and urban communities

Selected volunteers will use their English-language skills to assist dedicated teachers who work in remote and urban communities. The role will involve contact with young children, teenagers and/or adults, with tasks like assisting the English teacher, teaching English directly and helping with homework at community centers. It's a great way to help people in remote or urban settings to improve their educational and employment outcomes, and to get them excited about the benefits of learning English!


  • Teach English as an assistant teacher in language schools
  • Work with NGOs to provide community services including English language instruction for kids and adults


  • Ideal for professional teachers, or those who work in education
  • Intermediate level of Spanish
  • Minimum time commitment of 3 months

Sports Project: Volunteer as an assistant coach

Selected volunteers will work with an NGO whose focus is on strengthening the role of sports in the development of children. This volunteering opportunity in Buenos Aires is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle or enjoy playing sports like soccer, hockey or rugby. The children range from 4 to 16 years of age, and most come from disadvantaged backgrounds where crime and drugs are commonplace. Sports can be a great way to get kids excited about their future, in an organized, positive and active environment.


  • Provide assistance to permanent coaches
  • Receive coach training
  • Work with schools and clubs across the city
  • Help out with daily tasks, training, games and competitions
  • Ensure kids enjoy themselves in sport!


  • No coaching experience required!
  • Enthusiasm for sport
  • An understanding and appreciation of sport

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