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Our Team

The word team translates to family here at the Ailola Buenos Aires Spanish language school. We're a typically Argentine group of young professional teachers with years of academic and life experience, on hand to help you reach the absolute best outcomes with the Spanish language.


María Laura Mecías

María Laura Mecías – School Director

María Laura is the passionate, hard-working founder and coordinator of the Ailola Buenos Aires school. The enthusiasm and knowledge she has about her mother tongue is reflected in the pride she brings to our Spanish language school in Buenos Aires. María Laura is a Professor of Arts and holds a Master in Spanish as a Foreign Language. She also co-wrote the textbooks used in our Spanish courses.

Pablo Capellini

Pablo Capellini – Commercial Director

With a degree in Business Administration, Pablo is our resident entrepreneur and co-founder of Ailola Buenos Aires with Maria Laura. He works predominately in the areas of administration, marketing and advertising, responsible for the strategic planning and creation of new programs, as well as agreements with agents and universities.

Spanish Teachers

Spanish Teachers

All of our teachers are graduates in Language and Literature specializing in Spanish language instruction. With their second-nature knowledge about Latin American language and culture, the team at Ailola Buenos Aires is just as passionate about education as it is about ensuring you enjoy yourself in one of South America's most vibrant societies, Argentina. We'll get to know you personally, both in and out of the classroom, making sure your decision to study Spanish in Argentina is one of the best you'll ever make!

Paula Garcia

Paula Garcia – Spanish Teacher

Paula is in the final stages of her language degree at the University of Madrid. She is a funny teacher and a very cheerful person. Always full of new ideas to create active language classes with her students!

Pablo Landriel

Pablo Landriel – Spanish Teacher

As a translator of English and German, Pablo knows languages! He has years of experience both as a Spanish and German teacher. He enjoys creating enjoyable classroom atmospheres, teaching students about Argentine culture, and just about anything that has to do with language learning.

Liliana Maxera

Liliana Maxera – Spanish Teacher

Lili specializes in language and literature, and is passionate about her fields. She has many years of experience in teaching, and often works directly with advanced students and those preparing for the DELE exam. In her free time, Lili enjoys yoga and Zen meditation.

Office Staff

Angela Giménez

Angela Giménez – Course Coordinator

Angela will be most likely your first point of contact at Ailola Buenos Aires. She takes care of all inquiries and helps you to find your perfect Spanish program. She speaks Spanish and English and has long experiences in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. So if you have any questions about studying Spanish in Buenos Aires or participating in a volunteering or internship program, contact Angela!

Anne Smit

Anne Smit – Internship & Volunteer Coordinator

Anne Smit is our team's dedicated intern in the fields of internships, volunteer projects and marketing. She works with our network of company contacts in Buenos Aires, preparing programs for candidates and ensuring internships and volunteer projects are as productive as possible.