Buenos Aires Spanish School Arrival & First Day - © Unknown

Arrival in Buenos Aires

At Ailola Buenos Aires we want to get you as excited as possible about life in Argentina. That's why we've prepared the following information and services for your arrival and first day with us. Take a look!

Prepare for your trip

Pre-arrival support and assistance

We're sure you're going to have lots of questions in the run up to your Buenos Aires experience and we want you to feel fully prepared and excited when you board that plane. Before you arrive at our Spanish school in Buenos Aires, our staff is on hand to offer personalized assistance in finding accommodation and choosing the right Spanish course for and will answer any questions you might have about your arrival, cultural activities and life in general in beautiful Buenos Aires.

Pack your laptop or tablet

We care about the environment at Ailola Buenos Aires and like to do our bit to help the planet. As a result, we’re now making a concerted effort to reduce the tons of paper wasted every year by making our study material fully digital. To help us with this, we encourage you to bring a laptop or tablet with you to Argentina so that you can study Spanish digitally. If you don’t have access to your own laptop or tablet, fear not, we’ve still got you covered and can loan you our printed study books for your Spanish language classes for free.

Placement test

Ailola Buenos Aires is no language factory! We're committed to ensuring our classes are small, personalized and communication-orientated. To make sure we achieve our goals, we've designed a placement test that will calculate the right spot for you in one of our courses. Upon arrival to Buenos Aires you'll also meet our course coordinator, who'll have a light-hearted chat with you to test your oral skills.

How to get to your accommodation

Worried about the finer details of your arrival to Buenos Aires? We've got you covered. Check out the following options you have to get from the airport to your accommodation!

Buenos Aires Arrival
  • Ailola Buenos Aires airport transfer: Our staff can arrange an airport transfer for you, so request a pick-up before you leave and we'll see you on the other side!
  • Private car: You can also contract a private car – known locally as a remis – as you exit the arrival gates in Ezeiza (international) and Aeroparque (domestic) airports.
  • Shuttle Bus: If you're looking to save your pennies, ask a remis provider at the airport about their shuttle services! You'll either share a mini van to your accommodation or be taken by bus to the Retiro district. From there grab a registered city taxi!
  • Note: For safety reasons, we do not recommend you take the taxis that wait outside Ezeiza airport terminal. Also, the public bus from Ezeiza airport is an option, but it can take several hours to reach Buenos Aires city.

    Your First Day


    Buenos Aires Spanish School Orientation

    While we hope to have done our best before your arrival to Argentina, at Ailola Buenos Aires we've also prepared an orientation program for once you get here! Direct and hands-on, this is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the school in preparation for the coming days and weeks of interactive language learning. It takes place at 9am on your first Monday of class.

    Spanish course starts

    At Ailola Buenos Aires, there's no holding back! Our emphasis on conversation means you'll be speaking Spanish even on your first day in Buenos Aires. Not so fast? For those worried about jet lag, try planning your journey so you arrive a few days before our Monday start dates! This way you'll have plenty of time for a siesta or two.

    Your stay in Buenos Aires

    After your arrival to Argentina it's time to settle in to the good life! Here at Ailola Buenos Aires we've designed a range of services to ensure your arrival and first day run smoothly. These include:

    Getting around Buenos Aires
    • 24-hour emergency hotline: During your entire stay in Buenos Aires, you'll have direct telephone access to one of our staff members via the school's 24-hour emergency hotline.
    • Full-time student advisor: For local student support we have a full-time staff member on hand to make sure your stay in Buenos Aires is truly unforgettable with activities and volunteering!
    • Transportation: On your first day at our Spanish school in Buenos Aires we'll help you get a SUBE card. With a simple swipe of the SUBE you'll become part of the city's extensive public transport system (subte underground, buses and trains).
    • After-school activities: One thing's for sure – you won't run out of things to do in Buenos Aires! We'll keep you updated on free after-school activities and weekend excursions via our social media profiles and the school's colorful activity blackboard.