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Questions & Answers

Thinking about studying Spanish in Argentina? Got a thousand and one questions? We're one step ahead of you. Read through our thorough Frequently Asked Questions guide to find the answers you need to pack your bags for a journey of lifetime in Buenos Aires.

Language School Questions

  • What makes Ailola Buenos Aires different from other language schools?

    The successful combination of Ailola Buenos Aires classes, workshops, homestays, excursions and social and cultural activities allows students to live like porteños while learning Spanish. Ailola Buenos Aires students experience local language and culture on the most profound level possible in Buenos Aires. Our teaching method emphasizes direct, participatory learning, with grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions that will have you attaining fluency as quickly as possible. We guarantee a fast and fun way of learning Spanish, with a young and professional team, who will listen to each student's needs!

  • What qualifications do the teachers have?

    Our professors are graduates in Language and Literature, specializing in Spanish Instruction. They have a very strong understanding of Latin American language and culture. Our teachers enjoy teaching, and make a special effort to not only teach their students, but also to get to know them as individuals and connect with them on a personal level, both in and outside of the classroom.

  • When are program start dates?

    Official start dates are every Monday year-round. If you start on another date, we will design a special program for you in order to catch up with the group. Private courses can start any day of the week.

  • Should I bring any materials to class?

    We provide students with a notebook and pen on the first day of class! We do, however, recommend you purchase a Spanish pocket dictionary.

  • Am I too old for a language school? Too young?

    Too old? Definitely not! Here at Ailola Buenos Aires, we have students from all age groups. The diversity of ages, nationalities and interests of our students contributes to the unique experience you will have at our language school in Buenos Aires. Too young? If you are under 18 we will need your parents' consent.

  • How do I get from the airport to my accommodation?

    We offer an airport pick-up service where you'll be met upon arrival inside the airport and taken to your accommodation. For students who are not interested in this option, we recommend you arrange a taxi from the taxi desk at the arrival entrance where you will pay a flat rate up-front.

  • Is there someone I could speak with about your schools?

    For more information, send us a message! Do you have a question you'd like answered in person? You can always call us to speak to one of our experienced language travel advisors.

Buenos Aires & Argentina Questions

  • Why should I choose to study abroad in Buenos Aires?

    Buenos Aires is Argentina's cosmopolitan capital. It explodes with grand avenues, old-time cafes and endless cultural attractions. Wander through cobbled streets, marvel at architectural masterpieces and colorfully painted houses; discuss world politics and fútbol (soccer) in our atmospheric cafe; then tuck into a parrillada for a delicious Argentine steak dinner! Buenos Aires is a perfect destination for students looking for an affordable city in which to study Spanish. More broadly, Argentina offers you a range of travel opportunities, from the majestic waterfalls of Iguazú in the subtropical north down to the mountainous south, with its magnificent glaciers and pristine ski resorts.

  • Do I need a visa to travel to Argentina?

    Citizens of many countries only need a passport to enter Argentina and may stay legally for up to 90 days. You should, however, contact your consulate for more specific and updated information on visa regulations for your country. Please note, as of December 2009, travelers from the USA, Canada and Australia are required to pay a fee to enter Argentina.

  • Do I need any vaccinations to enter the country?

    No vaccines are required to enter the country, but the yellow fever vaccination is recommended especially if you are planning to travel to Brazil or Paraguay. For updated travel alerts, potential health hazards, and other related issues, please consult Travel Health Online.

Language Course Questions

  • What level of Spanish language classes should I take?

    When you register for a course with Ailola Buenos Aires, we'll send you a written placement test and undertake an oral evaluation with you. Based on your results, we'll then place with in a group of students with a similar level of Spanish. Don't worry if you don't speak a word of Spanish – many of our students have no prior knowledge of Spanish before they arrive. Keep in mind you will, however, be speaking Spanish in the classroom from your first day!

  • How many weeks should I study?

    For beginners we recommend at least four weeks (20 hours classes), but at the very least we recommend a two-week course.

  • What is a typical day like?

    Classes are held Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:30, which gives you the rest of the day to explore Buenos Aires. The first two hours of class typically focus on grammar. After a 20-minute break, the last two hours will focus on oral and written practice of what you learnt in the morning. Private Spanish lessons take place in the afternoons.

  • What is the average class size?

    We keep the class sizes small to ensure rapid language development. In fact, there will be never more than 7 students per class.

  • How do I choose between the group and individual Spanish programs?

    Group classes are great for those who like to learn in a group atmosphere, practice with their peers, and want to study in an intensive setting. On the other hand, individual lessons are best for those wanting to focus on a particular aspect of the language or who cannot devote 20 hours per week to Spanish.

  • What is the focus of the advanced classes?

    Advanced classes will focus on Argentine culture, more complex grammatical rules such as subjunctive tense, and oral expression to improve your conversational Spanish – particularly useful for your travels in Argentina!

  • Can I get university credits from taking these Spanish classes?

    Yes, it is possible to get university credit if you choose to study abroad with us. Ailola Buenos Aires is accredited by a private University in Buenos Aires. If you are interested in getting university credit, let us know in the registration form.

Volunteering Questions

  • Do you offer volunteer programs?

    The Ailola Buenos Aires Volunteer program is an extraordinary opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their Spanish skills while at the same time acquiring meaningful work experience. Our Volunteer program is available on a year-round basis, and all students enrolled in an Ailola Buenos Aires Spanish course (for a minimum of two weeks) are eligible. Typically, we require a time commitment of at least 4 weeks of volunteering. There is no minimum Spanish level requirement although some organizations require intermediate to advanced Spanish skills.

Activities Questions

  • Do you offer any additional activities besides Spanish courses?

    Yes! Ailola Buenos Aires offers a huge range of optional activities for students to practice and learn more about Buenos Aires outside their structured Spanish Course. Each week you will receive a guide explaining the activities Ailola Buenos Aires has to offer. These include guided walking tours in the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, bike tours, tango shows, visits to museums, tickets to exciting soccer matches, and more! For a complete list of these activities check out our Activities page.

Accommodation Questions

  • What accommodation options do you offer?

    Here at Ailola Buenos Aires, we can help you find a housing option that best suits your needs and expectations for a study abroad experience in Argentina. We offer several different options such as family homestays, shared apartments and hotels or hostels. We believe it's very important that our students have a great stay in the city. That's why we carefully screen all our recommended accommodation locations. For more information, visit our accommodation page.

  • Do I need to book accommodation in order to attend Spanish school?

    No. You can book your Spanish courses in Buenos Aires without booking accommodation. Keep in mind, however, that a local homestay or shared apartment is highly recommended for Spanish language practice.

  • Can I move into my accommodation before classes start? Can I stay longer than the duration of the course?

    Yes, you can move into your accommodation at any time. A student is always welcome to extend their housing and if the same housing is available during the requested extension dates the student will stay in their same spot. Otherwise, the student will be offered an alternative housing option for the additional dates. As we aim to find you the best match for the proposed length of stay, we encourage students to register as early as possible.

Payment & Registration Questions

  • What does the course price include?

    The course price includes enrollment, course materials, and classes with dynamic and qualified teachers. We provide onsite assistance with a student coordinator and a 24-hour emergency phone number. In addition, we offer advise on a range of cultural and social activities so you have an unforgettable time in Buenos Aires. These include sports, guided visits, tours, weekend trips, dinner and Tango shows, accommodation, family homestays, hostels and a lot more!

  • When should I pay for courses?

    Courses must be paid for in full before the program start date (either the first day of housing or the course start date, whichever comes first). You can pay conveniently beforehand or upon arrival.

  • What payment types do you accept?

    Payments for Spanish programs can be made by credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or with a bank transfer before the program start date. Current students who want to extend their programs can also pay in cash (U.S. dollars or Argentine pesos) in person at the school.

  • How do I register for a course?

    To sign up for our Spanish courses, click here. Complete our registration form, verify that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, and then submit the form. Once we receive your registration form, you will be sent a confirmation email with an attached invoice, along with a Spanish level test (beginner-advanced students).

  • How far in advance must I register?

    To guarantee a spot in our schools, we recommend you register at least four weeks in advance. We cannot guarantee a place in a group class or in a homestay for registrations less than four weeks before the start date. However, we encourage you to contact us regarding availability so we can do our best to accommodate you.