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Our Spanish Teaching Methods

Ailola Buenos Aires is no language factory! Our team of native speakers are committed to language teaching methods in Buenos Aires that encourage students to put their language skills directly into practice. Find out how we do it!

Speak Spanish from day #1

Our teaching methodology in Buenos Aires focuses on language skills that will have you speaking, listening and absorbing Spanish communication skills from every angle possible. Of course, you'll learn grammar and vocabulary, too – but only in a way that favors communication and fluency in Spanish. It's a communicative approach to language learning, which is evident in some of our additional services and programs:

Ailola Buenos Aires Conversation Club

Native Spanish-speaking teachers

The teaching team at Ailola Buenos Aires comprises of young, professional and experienced native Speakers with a passion for local culture. They're generally all from Argentina, which means in no time will they have you living life in Buenos Aires the porteño way, using lessons, activities, and homework that focuses on speaking and listening for the real world.

Complete immersion into the porteño lifestyle

Our Spanish courses are modeled on the assumption you'll want to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. That's why we aim to make you feel comfortable using Spanish on a day-to-day basis, with pragmatic courses and a broad range of weekend and afterschool activities that prepare you for conversation, travel, business and more! We can also put you in contact with homestay or shared apartment accommodation where you'll put your new skills to work from dusk 'til dawn.

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