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Spanish for Teachers

Teachers understand teachers! At Ailola Buenos Aires our University-educated native teachers are waiting to share their skills with you, with one of our customized Spanish for Teachers courses in Buenos Aires. Find out more!

Course objectives

Spanish for Teachers in Buenos Aires
  1. Deepen your understandings of teaching methodologies for Spanish as a foreign language
  2. Explore distinct approaches to teaching
  3. Develop ways of creating a friendly and relaxed classroom atmosphere that favors learning and teaching processes
  4. Stimulate the integration of the four skills through the use of activities
  5. Develop intercultural competency
  6. Utilize groups as a means of learning and teaching

We want you!

Our Spanish for Teachers courses in Buenos Aires are targeted at foreign Spanish teachers who want to expand their skill set and improve their knowledge of local and regional cultures while at the same time enjoying this great city of ours! It's an ideal way to broaden your style and diversify your approach to Spanish-language instruction, so you can reach your students in whole new ways! Best of all, the course can be completely customized to suit your needs and abilities.

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