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Onsite Corporate Spanish Training

There's no doubt Argentina is a migrant hub! At Ailola Buenos Aires we want to give local expats a leg up with their Spanish skills by designing customized Onsite Spanish Training programs in Buenos Aires for groups or individuals. Learn more!

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Onsite Spanish Training in Buenos Aires

Ever since the days of colonization, Buenos Aires has been abuzz with migrants from all over the world! The same rings true today, with multinational organizations, NGOs, and small companies hiring foreign workers to add to their dynamic employee base. Not to mention retirees and those lucky migrants who simply live the good life here in Buenos Aires! That's why we offer customized Onsite Spanish Training in Buenos Aires for a variety of expats. These range from one-on-one lessons to closed group classes. We'll leave the details up to you!

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Building a customized Onsite Corporate Spanish Training program is easy! We just need the following information to design it for you:

  • Participants' Spanish language level
  • Number of participants
  • Specific learning requirements and objectives
  • Number of lessons you need per week
  • Your ideal schedule

More questions about your Onsite Corporate Spanish Training in Buenos Aires? Get in touch today!