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Activities in Buenos Aires

A city that never sleeps, Buenos Aires offers visitors an endless Tango-line of activities. At Ailola Buenos Aires we want to take you there with riveting afterschool activities in Buenos Aires, plus weekend add-ons and long-distance travel to help you discover Argentina in all its glory!

Buenos Aires Fiesta

Weekday Activities

Included in the Ailola Buenos Aires experience is our exciting range of weekday language school activities in Buenos Aires. It's our chance to introduce you to local culture while simultaneously offering you situations in which you can put newly acquired Spanish skills into practice! These activities are optional and vary according to the seasons, so keep an eye out for information at the school or online!

Exclusive City Activities

Spanish school is over for the day. What to do? Before you leave Ailola Buenos Aires, check out the activity schedule or perhaps visit our social media pages. We'll keep you updated on a range of afterschool activities in Buenos Aires, including neighborhood tours, museum visits, movie nights and different workshops. We can also give you advise on Tango dinner shows, soccer matches and nightclub tickets, to add the final touches to your post-language school social life in Argentina!

Afterschool Classes

Immersion into a native Spanish-speaking culture is the best way to learn the language! That's why at Ailola Buenos Aires we're constantly on the hunt for exciting afterschool add-ons for you. You'll get a taste for Buenos Aires, Argentina and Latin America in general, so make the most of your time here with the following options:

Buenos Aires Dancing

Weekend Excursions

Like the good Argentines we are, the team at Ailola Buenos Aires makes the most of long weekends after an intense week of learning Spanish in Buenos Aires! We can help you organize excursions that will take you to the outer reaches of the city and much farther, where you'll speak Spanish all day-long in some of the most exciting nearby destinations the city has to offer.

Day Trips

You might not believe it, but in next to no time you can be out of Buenos Aires enjoying a wide range of sites, activities and excursions – in fact, you can even cross the border to Uruguay! While these are always changing, the Ailola Buenos Aires selection of day-trips include:

Excursion to Colonia, Uruguay
  • Tigre Delta – On the far outskirts of greater Buenos Aires, this quiet riverside city awaits you with parks and markets.
  • Colonia (Uruguay) – A one-hour ferry ride and you're in Colonia in Uruguay, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site.
  • A day at an estancia – No trip to Argentina is complete without a day-trip to a gaucho ranch. So pack your yerba mate, we're off!
  • Luján – This peaceful city in the province of Buenos Aires is your chance for some fresh air and a taste of national history.

Full Weekend Trips

Ailola Buenos Aires is committed to setting students up with affordable travel activities in Argentina. In fact, unlike other schools we don't request a commission from our partner travel agent, allowing us to offer a range of travel options, for a variety of budgets, which will take you to all corners of this majestic country. These trips include:

Excursion to Mendoza, Argntina
  • Iguazú Falls – The spectacular waterfall at the border of Argentina and Brazil is not to be missed!
  • Mendoza – A charming Andean city, with its tree-lined avenues, wineries and adventure sport options.
  • Salta – The historic city bordering on unspoilt national parks and wineries, with its unique traditional atmosphere and history.
  • Puerto Madryn – A southern beach town famous for its whale spotting and warm(er) waters.